Self-employment Ideas for Introverts

Is this you?

  1. You realize you lean towards introversion and that’s an OK thing!
  2. You’re thinking maybe you just need to find the right path that fits your introverted style. No more extrovert mask to fit in!
  3. And you think self-employment might give you the freedom to create work the way you want it. (Yes!)
  4. But, you’re nervous about what self-employment avenues will work for you as an introvert. (“Ack, and what about marketing?!”)

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. That self-employment excitement combined with worry is common for introverts. And yet there are plenty of introverts making it work!

I love the freedom of self-employment, and it’s working for me in my own introverted way. But I was nervous to take the leap because some part of me thought that was extrovert territory. Both introverts and extroverts can make it work, if you find your unique path.

In this post, I’ll explain why and how self-employment can work well for introverts, including a few specific ideas for you. 

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10 Most Popular Posts on My Blog

These 10 posts on my blog have been the “greatest hits.” I put a lot of my heart and insights into these.

These posts cover my usual range of topics so they give you a good sense of what I’m about: introverts, self-employment, marketing, confidence, fear, and leaps of faith.

  1. Being Introverted Is a GOOD Thing!
  2. The Introvert’s Path from Pain to Confidence
  3. You Are Closer Than You Think
  4. Your “Worst” Trait Could Be Your Superpower
  5. The Self-Employment Leap of Faith
  6. When Something Feels Too Big for You, Say Yes
  7. Tackling My Fears, One Layer at a Time
  8. Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower
  9. Why You Get Tongue-Tied When Describing Your Work
  10. 1 Easy Step for Getting New Clients Now

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4 Tips to Break the Overthinking Loop

[Image: The classic cat in the doorway indecision =  Analysis Paralysis.]

The classic cat in the doorway indecision = Analysis Paralysis.

Can you relate to getting stuck in overthinking, rethinking, and… thinking again, until you’re getting less clear?! I call it Analysis Paralysis.

I was part of a discussion online about the overthinking loop, and my friend, Alison, offered these fantastic tips. These tips are tried-and-true and easy-to-do. (There’s brain research to back this up.)

Since introverts tend to be especially prone to the challenge of overthinking, I knew I had to get her tips out to you too. I invited her to write a guest post, and here it is!

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Introversion and Shyness: The Connection

[Image: Ever feel like you don't want to come out and be seen? That's a shy moment.]

[Image: Ever feel like you don't want to come out and be seen? That's a shy moment.]

Even my friends who hear me talk about introversion all the time will ask me, “Isn’t introversion the same as shyness?”

No, they are not the same thing.

And yet, shyness and introversion can be connected, and they can look the same on the outside. That’s why we confuse this all the time. It’s very important, for everyone’s well-being, that we understand the difference.

Let’s clarify this…

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Do You Confuse Extroversion with Confidence?

I think we all tend to confuse extroversion with confidence. So let’s re-think it.

I’m an introvert and when I speak up confidently about something, people sometimes say, “You must be an extrovert.”

Hey, I can be an introvert AND be confident and out-spoken. (I can hear my confident introverted friend Jenn saying “Hell yeh.”)

Do you think introversion and confidence can go together? Think about it.

I was painfully shy in the past and I’m not anymore… but I’m still an introvert.

I believe that no matter how shy or anxious you might feel in certain social situations, there’s a way to find more ease and confidence. And you can still be an introvert (which is not the same as shyness). Continue reading