Someone Who Actually Understands Balance

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Oh my, I barely have words to go with this video. Please watch it and let the inspiration and artistry sink in. Be sure to watch the exquisite ending. Wow!

What metaphors or stories does it bring up for you?

While I watched, at first I couldn’t breathe as I saw what was happening and I didn’t want anything to fall. Yikes, how will it all balance? (Like life!)

And then I just let her inner strength and calm presence find its way into me too.

While watching, part of me had a good laugh at the elusive Balance we all crave and struggle to find. Is she the only one who gets how to balance? Nearly everyone I meet says they want more balance in their lives.

Why Is Balance So Elusive?

I think balance is attainable but we keep looking in the wrong places or defining it in some unrealistic way. I believe it comes from doing what she is demonstrating, staying present in each moment. It’s not about trying to have it all, but about being present to what’s happening …right…now.

Did you feel her present moment energy? There’s discipline yet calmness. Quite a combination. Worth some effort. Ongoing effort. It’s a journey, a daily practice, not an endpoint.

When you realize that balance is a journey, then it starts to feel more possible.

I love this recent post on this Balance topic, by Chris Brogan, on why renaming Work-Life Balance to Work-Life Harmony helps us move into the a more useful mindful mindset: Work-Life Harmony.

Balance or Harmony is not about perfection, as it may seem in the video. In real life, I’m sure she drops everything, many many times. I know I do. That’s the journey.

I’m not writing this because I’ve arrived at some perfect balance or harmony. I’m writing it because I’m on the journey too and I need the regular inspiration to stop and…. breathe…and take a break from the computer for starters.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about it in the comment section here or on my Facebook page.

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