The Swan Sisterhood

The Swan Sisterhood is a community of kindred spirits for introverted women who want meaningful connection and growth, but without the overwhelm.

As a caring introverted woman you crave deep communication, meaning and purpose, but sometimes don’t know where to find it in a way that works for you.

Everyone is telling you that you have to “get out there” more — for personal or professional reasons. But it feels scary, lonely, or just plain overwhelming.

So you push, push through the next meeting or conversation, drowning out your own truth and intuition which is begging you to find a different way. By the end of the day you are left exhausted, and wondering if you should just make yourself be more like others who enjoy the limelight.

There is another way. One that doesn’t drain you and that appreciates your uniqueness. It can be so much easier.

What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?With introvert-friendly support, and some key insights about how to move forward without the overwhelm, you can find the sure footing you need to reach for your dreams.

Introverted women are part of a tribe and we need to come together and harness our wisdom, compassion, and energy. We need each other. Especially now in such tumultuous times. We need more grounding and more connection so we can follow our heart’s callings.

It’s amazing what’s possible when you have the energy of group support. It gets easier to move into your growing edge and even enjoy it.

If you don’t listen to your heart, the consequences to your body, mind, and spirit are too high. I have a feeling you know these consequences already. Tense shoulders, churning pit in your stomach, loneliness, heartache, or held hostage by an inner critic?

Is your heart calling even more loudly lately? Whew, it can be a whirlwind of personal, professional, and societal shifting beneath our feet. What do you do with this surge of energy (or anxiety?), and the head spin? Feeling ready to just quit that job, yell at someone, find a true path, get back out there to find your soulmate, or explore self-employment?

In the Swan Sisterhood group, right away, I’ll give you some key insights to help you find your sweet spot for following your heart without the overwhelm. It’s such a relief once you get it. 

Whoever you are, no matter how lonely,
the world offers itself to your imagination,
calls to you like the wild geese, harsh and exciting —
over and over announcing your place
in the family of things.”
~Mary Oliver, from the poem, Wild Geese.

Here’s what I feel called to do…

I am establishing a community of caring introverted women where we explore how to clarify and move forward on your callings — in a sustainable way that honors your body, mind, and spirit.

Let’s form a strong community to keep our spirits lifted as we go through our personal, professional, and societal transitions. We need each other, not just today, but in a meaningful sustained community. We can’t afford to let life’s turbulence pull us down. And we can’t afford to let go of our dreams.

Now is the time
…To come together with others on a similar journey.
…To truly listen to your heart’s callings.
…To allow tears, spiritual conversations, and talking about our deepest dreams.
…To go forth on your vision from a confident strong place knowing we’ve got your back.

It’s time for community, soulfulness, heartfulness, and facing our fears one step at a time.


Does any of this make your heart say, Oooh, OH!, or YES!?

Then it’s probably just right for you. It’s making my heart pound just to write this. Learn more below and get in touch soon.

You’re invited…

The Swan Sisterhood is a small group community for women who want to unleash their callings, while staying true to their quiet soulful “swan” selves.

Join us to:

  1. connect with other quiet-loving heartful women,
  2. find your calm grounding from which you can spread your wings. (Phew, we’ve been through a lot and our nervous systems need support.)
  3. explore together what it means to go forth on your vision, in YOUR way, that honors your nature.
  4. learn to quiet that overthinking and self-doubting mind (a common challenge for introverted women),
  5. tune into your powerful intuition and callings,
  6. truly understand the amazing value you have to offer,
  7. grow your courageous voice from a grounded knowing place,
  8. keep your spirit lifted as you move into new territory,
  9. create your personalized action plan that honors both your soulful self and desire to make an impact.

What kinds of topics?

You goals can be personal (confidence, speaking up, relationships, community, self-awareness, stepping into activism), professional (career clarity, leadership confidence, workplace ease, exploring self-employment), and/or beyond (creative ideas, spiritual growth). Most typically, it will be a blend. We’re complex creatures, after all.

It’s about being true to you in all parts of your life. The same principles of finding your clarity, confidence, and momentum work for all kinds of goals.

Hosting a group like this is the core of my life’s work so I’m all in and excited to hear if you are too.

Pop me a note at the bottom of the page,
and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Who am I to be doing this?

I’ve been facilitating heart-centered groups of various kinds for 30 years, and now focusing on groups for introverts following their callings for the last 7 years. I’m a former wallflower who now feels confident and social, while still embracing my introverted nature. My life’s work is about helping others live a path that is true to who they are.

In addition to my work as a career/business/life coach, I have also been engaged in social and economic justice activism for most of my adult life. I’ve discovered what works for me to keep going and stay out of overwhelm.

You might also want to know that I’m a long-time meditator, and a fan of Marianne Williamson, Tara Brach, and the Liz Gilbert’s book, Big Magic. I’m a big believer in thinking big and keeping my feet on the ground.

Since working with Val, in a very short time I can see immense possibilities where there were only questions. She keeps the focus, holds the keys of relevance, nourishes the psyche and instills the spirit with a sense of willingness, no, passion for the next step. ~P.W.

What will it be like?

Sometimes getting grounded is as simple as lighting a candle and taking a breath.

Taking one step at a time, together, with breathing room.

You’ll learn the truth about introvert strengths, fear, tongue-tied moments, overthinking challenges, “imposter syndrome,” and what it means to be a confident introvert who follows her truth.

In this group, we won’t shy away from words like meaning, life purpose, callings, soulful, spiritual, and meditation. We need to talk about what’s in our hearts, but no one will impose their religion or specific beliefs.

We’ll tap into mindfulness, journaling, poetry, story sharing, and other creative methods as ways to calm our systems, find inspiration, access our intuition, and build faith for taking important steps.

It’s a place to be yourself, without any judgment. Nothing is required. Both tears and celebrations are welcome.

You’ll find your confidence growing which naturally leads to calm courageous speaking and action in many areas of your life. Imagine finding your voice with ease. It’s possible.

The format is designed with introvert sensibilities in mind.

Wondering if you are an introvert? Don’t worry about it. If this program resonates with you, that’s what matters. We can discuss the fit.

This presenter doesn’t force you to be who you’re not. She provides realistic strategies to work with who you are. ~Program Attendee


Enrolling now for first meeting in October 2017, for a minimum 3-month commitment in an ongoing group.

We’ll meet in a small group (up to 8 women) twice a month and there are opportunities to connect between meetings.

Northampton, MA (U.S.)
Every other Tuesday (Oct. 10th and forward)
4:00pm – 5:30pm

Stay tuned for a videoconference group coming in the future, so members could call in from anywhere. Use the registration form to express interest.

Group time commitment?

The group is an ongoing community, where new members make a 3-month minimum commitment so we can form a strong community and go through some important explorations together. Open enrollment will happen every 3 months when there are openings.

What’s Included in Membership:

  1. Two group meetings per month (1.5 hours each).
  2. Professional facilitation and guidance from an experienced career/business/life coach.
  3. Structured homework options to deepen your learning and forward your progress.
  4. Access to my secure online portal with many self-discovery tools.
  5. A private Facebook group for members.
  6. Ability to ask me questions anytime.
  7. Meaningful “buddy” matches for connecting between meetings.
  8. Option to schedule add-on individual coaching sessions for 20% off.
  9. I’ll help you make meaningful professional connections with the people you want to meet, thanks to my large network.

Your price for this all-inclusive program:
150 per month (U.S.).
(This is an introductory price for Fall 2017 enrollment. It could be higher for those who join at the next open enrollment period.)

For comparison, individual coaching prices run about 600/month so this is an alternative, budget-friendly way to experience some of those benefits while also gaining the energy of group support.

**Is this a financial hardship for you but you are sincerely drawn to joining the group?
Go ahead and use the registration form and mention that on the form. We can discuss it.

I will help you assess the fit when we talk by phone after you complete the registration form.

All group members will have spoken with me before joining, and will usually have done at least one coaching session with me before joining.

Guarantee: Full refund if you decide to end after the first meeting. This is about finding the right fit, not about pressure.

Pop me a note at the bottom of the page,
and I’ll get back to you quickly.

Register Now

Step 1: Fill in the registration form as a way to think through your decision since it asks some clarification questions. Filling it in does not commit you to anything.

Step 2: We’ll have a phone chat to confirm the fit before you send any payment.



Questions? Concerns? Anything that comes up for you, just ask.

I totally get it that you might be feeling nervous or wondering if it’s really a good fit for your situation. Whatever question you have about it, I’d love to hear it. I’ll get back to you quickly. Use the form below to send your question. Thank you.

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As we saw during the Women’s March, when women join together, we become a force for something greater than ourselves. It’s a powerful and loving energy — such a wonderful combination!

Following our callings doesn’t have to happen on the streets, in large groups, with loud voices. It can happen in quiet ways too, just as powerfully, and stemming from the same place of love and spirit.