Work Advice Column for Introverts

I wrote an occasional career and business advice column for introverts that appears on the online home for introverts, Quiet Revolution (founded by Susan Cain, the author of the bestselling book, Quiet), and is syndicated on Huffington Post.

You can read my column on Quiet Revolution via this link, where you’ll find links to my articles:
Val Nelson on Quiet Revolution

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Typical Topics

Anything ringing a bell for you personally?

  1. Tired of explaining why I’m being quiet or needing quiet
  2. Surviving meetings
  3. Networking, the introvert way
  4. Marketing, sales, and fundraising
  5. Career direction that aligns with who you are
  6. Current workplace worries (bosses, social events, money conversations, co-workers, noise, how people see you)
  7. Career transition (information interviews, salary negotiations, interviews, managing your energy, adjusting to a new workplace)
  8. Self-employment decisions and taking the leap
  9. Making your business more aligned with your heart and wallet
  10. Assertiveness with clients (about money and time limits)
  11. Tricky conversations (conflict, asking for different work conditions, saying “no”)
  12. Introverts as leaders
  13. Supervising introverts and creating introvert-friendly meetings
  14. Balance and self-care (overworking, breathing, alone time)
  15. Managing over-thinking and perfectionism
  16. Public speaking and giving presentations
  17. Being an agent of change when you hate the spotlight
  18. How not to get trapped listening to “talkers”
  19. Shy moment remedies