You Are Closer Than You Think

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.”
~Thomas Edison

The shore is there even when you can't see it through the fog.

The shore is there even when you can’t see it through the fog.

You’d be surprised how many people come to see me for career or business guidance who are sure they are completely lost at sea in a fog, only to discover they were only a mile from shore.

And then there are often tears at the discovery — both for the relief, and for the grief — of having tread water for so long.

I feel like leaving a moment of silence here, for honoring that grief. It gets to me. You can see why I’m on a mission to help people find the shore.

You ARE closer than you think, to whatever is feeling stuck right now. Oh my, that is even hard for me to believe in this moment. It was a tough day. Do you feel that doubt too? Whatever feels stuck can feel so daunting sometimes.

And yet, I know it’s true. We are closer than we think to getting unstuck.

TRY THIS: Think back to a year ago and recall things that felt so hard or confusing. Notice the ones that are flowing fine now.

I see this same pattern with other parts of our career or entrepreneurial journey. We get so sure we won’t get to that next goal, feeling like we’re swimming upstream again.

And then we finally take the weekend to rest, and bam, the answer is right in front of us on Monday morning. It seems like magic. We find the downstream feeling again. (Reminder to self: Rest really helps!)

It Takes Stamina for the Big Stuff

It’s true that it takes stamina and patience to realize a big goal. One…step…at…a…time. Keep going.

Edison tried 6,000 different components to create the filament for the light bulb. 6,000! He trusted he would get there so he just kept experimenting. He wasn’t a lucky guy. He was a determined guy. I’m so glad. (I wouldn’t be writing to you on this computer right now if he hadn’t.)

And It Can Require Receiving Help

Often it takes getting help from outside our own spinning brains. If it feels too hard and it’s staying stuck, it’s time to get help. That’s how you know it’s time. It’s not a failure, it’s a blessing that you are hearing the signal.

Special thanks to a friend for posting the Edison quote on Facebook which inspired me in an uninspired moment. That in turn inspired me to write this post.

Think About It

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