Optimizing Your Social Media Profiles To Get Found

Small businesses know by now that they need a website AND visibility in the popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, and maybe Twitter, YouTube, and others too. It’s not just about having your own website anymore.

So most of you have got at least one social media profile kinda sorta thrown together, like a basic LinkedIn profile. But then I hear: uh, what, huh? What now? One of the goals of my blog (and my business) is to help folks get past those stuck places. So here are some tips.

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Interns Can Help, If…

internThere’s so many great reasons to hire interns (especially for help with new media) and we all seem to want their help. But, so much gets in the way, right?

You search, you interview, they start…they stop showing up, or you don’t know what to give them… and you stop trying.

Yet, some people manage to make it work! People are using interns for help with social media marketing, technical jobs, video storytelling, and more. I’ve been collecting their secrets for you.

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What’s All This “2.0” Talk?

Wikinomics bookYou’ve probably heard “Web 2.0” thrown around but even people who say it don’t always know what it’s about or why it’s so important.

And now people are adding “2.0” to everything: Business 2.0, World 2.0, Learning 2.0, etc. So what’s up?

“2.0” is a playful reference to a cultural shift in who’s got the power. Everyone is in charge now, not just traditional media, politicians, doctors, or big business. For example, isn’t it amazing that anyone can edit Wikipedia, and it’s such a valuable resource?

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Defining Twitter with Analogies

Twitter Home Page

Twitter Home Page

More than any other question lately, I am answering “What is Twitter?” and “Why should I use Twitter?” At least once a day. For something so simple, it’s not easy to explain.

Many of us turn to analogies to explain it, so I decided to start collecting useful Twitter analogies here. Please add to the list. Continue reading