Be Heart-Centered in Business…Out Loud

Vulnerable can be so bold.

A role model for vulnerability.

You know it’s time for a new blog post when a topic comes up in multiple conversations in the same week. So here’s this week’s theme.

I work with heart-centered business people, and many of them struggle to express that side of themselves out loud — especially in the business world. But we all need to go there.

We tell ourselves: “Can’t say that, that’s too mushy,” “That’s too personal,” or “They’ll think I’m stupid.” Continue reading

Good Marketers Give First

A perfect exchange

A perfect exchange

The main reason people search online is to look up information, so if your online communications are only about selling or asking for something, you’re missing the boat. (And I bet your heart doesn’t like doing it like that anyway.)

The key to effective marketing and communications whether online or offline is to give your audience something they find valuable first.

Be helpful. Then offer them the option to check out your opportunities. Your heart will be happy and your wallet will be happy.

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Post Your Green Practices on Your Website

earthriseIn honor of Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, I added a webpage with a list of things I do to green my business. I hope this sparks new ideas for you.

I encourage you to post your own green list on your website. A recent survey showed that the majority of today’s consumers are actively seeking information about sustainable practices before they decide to turn over the cash.

Even in tough times, 51% are willing to pay more if they believe there is a social or environmental benefit. Continue reading