Energizer Session Prep Form

energizerCongratulations on choosing the Energizer Session. You’ll get a boost of clarity, confidence, and energy on something that has been blocked. Here’s what you need to get started…

What’s Included

  • a 45-minute coaching session, by phone, on a topic chosen from the list below
  • pre-session homework so you can get the wheels in motion and get the most out of our session
  • post-session homework to capture the impact and make it usable in your real life

It’s like a workshop just for you.

Note: The full value of coaching comes with a series of sessions, but I have discovered these select topics for which we can find meaningful shifts in this brief arrangement.

Session Options

  1. Discover Your Hidden Superpowers
    Let’s uncover your unique strengths, especially finding the ones that are easy to miss but so key to your success and fulfillment.
  2. Breaking Free as an Introvert
    When you understand what introversion is really about, you stop apologizing for it and can realize your unique strengths. It can be very liberating.
  3. Uncover the Real Roadblock
    When something is stuck, it’s often because we’re focused on the wrong thing to solve it. Clarifying the real block is freeing and energizing.

When you’re not sure which one fits for you, choose the third option. 

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Note: Once you submit this form, the session is no longer transferable to someone else. This will lock it in for you.

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