Live Call Gatherings for Introverted Women

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Check out these live call “Confidence-boosting” gatherings for introverted women:

Let’s talk about these kinds of classic introvert concerns:

  • What to do about the discomfort of putting yourself out there.
  • What if you hate promoting your business?
  • Social connections or isolation? I don’t want to miss out, but…

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Upcoming Workshops Designed for Introverts

Custom private workshop just for you: Clarity and Confidence Kickstart

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  • Activate Your Inner GPS for Business (No MBA required)
  • Overcome the Fear of Putting Yourself Out There

Small Group Programs for Introverts

Check out all my groups for introverted women here.

Recent Talks

Pricing and Packaging Your Heart-centered Services
The Quiet Collective Conference for Introverted Women Entrepreneurs
March 2018

“The Role of Intuition in Running Your Business”
Women Business Owners Alliance
January 2018

Mount Holyoke College Alumni Association
S. Hadley, MA – Dec. 2016

Harvard Business School, Dynamic Women in Business Conference.
Boston, MA – Feb. 2015
My session: Networking Secrets from an Ex-Wallflower

Speaking Availability

I am currently limiting my speaking so I can focus on writing and developing other ideas. If you have a great speaking invitation I can’t refuse, please contact me. See my speaking page for topics.

I’ve been a speaker at numerous organizations and events including Harvard Business School, Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts Small Business Development Centers (MSBDC), Holistic Chamber of Commerce Western Mass, Annual Women Business Owners Conference, Women Business Owner’s Alliance (WBOA), Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce, Easthampton Chamber of Commerce, Univ. of Connecticut, Bay Path College, Hidden-Tech, Podcamp Western Mass, Western Mass Coaching Alliance, and UMass Amherst Alumni Association.

I’ve also enjoyed being interviewed — for radio, podcasts, blogs, and articles.

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