Introvert Sisterhood Gathering for Self-employed Women

Let's get that pesky decision done.

Is your heart calling for something new but your head doesn’t know which door to take?

Lately I’ve been hosting free gatherings for introverted women to find their grounding and clarity amidst these stressful times. Many introverted or sensitive women are feeling the turbulence strongly. Know what I mean?

My heart told me to host these gatherings and it’s been very fulfilling. I witnessed shoulders relaxing and lots of smiling by the end of each gathering. “Connection brings peace,” as one woman put it.

They realized they can stay grounded and contribute something valuable without getting overwhelmed. In fact, they realized how much they are already contributing.

Now I want to hold another gathering specifically for self-employed introverted women (or those moving towards it).

Some of the things bubbling up in these conversations are related to one’s work choices, so I thought self-employed women might want to be in conversation together about this.

For instance, some self-employed women are telling me they are feeling increasingly called to let go of work that no longer feels true. Others are longing for more ease and sustainability. And others are wondering if they should be volunteering their time or whether their heart-centered work is enough.

Whatever their desire, change can be hard. Saying no to work that helps pay the bills can be really hard, at first. But it’s amazing what becomes possible after opening the topic among kindred spirits.

[Image: Your inner compass knows the way.]I want to help you find some solid ground so you can keep reaching for the stars.
The world needs your gifts.

We can’t let turbulent times pull us off our true path.

Instead we can let it fuel us for positive change.

Yet we can’t expect to manage in shifting sands without some grounding, clarity, and companionship. I want to offer exactly that.

So I’m hosting a free group call, as my gift to you.

About the group call:

I create a safe non-judgmental space for about 4-8 people, where participants can share and explore freely. We hold everything in confidence and deep respect. There’s no pushing of any kind.

Does this sound good to you?

You can attend for any of these reasons:

  1. To take a breath together.
  2. To explore what’s needed now.
  3. To have a free call to ask questions about your business and get some refreshing clarity.

I’ll facilitate the call to make sure we get you some meaningful guidance on what matters most. I’ll bring a grounding and clarifying process.

I invite you to join us.

These are the two options for joining a call:

  • Tuesday, March 14th, 10:30 am – 12 noon Eastern Time
  • Thursday, March 16th, 12:30 – 2:00 pm Eastern Time

Qualifications to attend:

  1. You’re a self-employed service professional or moving towards it.
  2. You lean more introverted (or in the middle between introvert or extrovert).
  3. I sense that you’re highly motivated to make changes.
  4. I have a gut feeling that a group clarity call with me will be useful for you.
  5. You have not already attended one of my other sisterhood gatherings.

I’ll choose from the people who complete the form below by Thursday, March 9th.

The form is so I can get to know you and to make sure that the call will be useful for you.

In the call, we can also discuss whether my Introvert SOULpreneurs Group is a good fit for you. But I won’t push anything.

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