There’s Something About Business Cards

My new business cards came today. What a birthing process that was! It feels like a momentous shift in my business.

First getting the words just right (I had multiple smart and patient people give me feedback). Then getting the design just right (Jenn is awesome and patient too!). Then choosing a printer and forking over the cash (well, the Visa).

I admit I forked over a little more cash than I should have because I chose “rush” so I’d have accurate cards for a big event this weekend.

And all those practical steps say nothing of the agony of expressing your true self on a tiny card! Impossible of course but my brain was a bit too determined. (I’m sure you’re detecting my back sliding into perfectionism. Arrrgh.)

There’s something about my business card that has plagued me for months. My friends can tell you. Have you experienced that business card angst? (So many of my clients struggle with that too.)

For me, this particular card symbolized the rebirthing of my business, which is no small thing!

They’re Here!

So they arrived an hour ago. I was opening the package, all ready to jump¬† up and down to hold one in my hand and yell “They’re here, they’re here!” Why not? I love the design and the words and now I was going to have them in my hands.

Oh nooooo, the print job is awful! Did they run out of ink? Forget to sharpen the cutting blade? What the…? Seriously, this is not just the perfectionist in me. Well, 50% perfection, 50% them.

No jumping up and down. No yelling. Shoulders slouching. Damn.

Onward. I just submitted a complaint and asked for a reprint. (They agreed.)

Nonetheless, I’m sharing my excitement to be almost done.

What is it about business cards? Even in a digital world, we still need that little something to hand over in real life that says “This is me.” Ack, ME. In that tiny print on that tiny little card. How can that be?

How do you feel about your business card?

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