What’s Your Superpower?

superpowerI was filling out my Google user profile and noticed that alongside the blanks for my name and website address is a blank for “Your Superpower.” I love that! And it got me thinking.

What would you put? If you don’t know, it’s worth deciding.

When I talk about superpowers, I’m talking about what makes you special. Everyone has something that makes them stand out. In order to excel in your work or get that job offer, you better know what makes you unique.

How To Find Your Superpower

You probably minimize your superpower because it comes so naturally to you that you could do it in your sleep. But other people struggle with it. What’s the thing you can do that seems so easy to you but that seems to amaze others? Mapping out a big project? Helping people feel deeply understood? (Psst, you have more than one superpower.)

Think about it. Better yet, ask others what they would say is a unique talent of yours. They can see it better than you can.

Another way to discover your superpowers is to take a personality test (good assessments found here) to see where you excel. For instance, if you find out you’re an introvert, you can learn how many introverts are naturally good at cutting to the heart of the matter.

I figured out my superpowers with my coach (and personally I think that’s the best way to clarify your amazing strengths, but I might be biased since I am a coach and I love helping people clarify this stuff).

I decided to write my superpowers on my About page. Isn’t that what people really want to know before they hire you? They want to know “what makes you so special?” Be ready to tell them.

Clarifying your superpower(s) is a great way to define your personal brand. A buzzword these days is personal branding. Branding isn’t just for businesses and entrepreneurs anymore, it’s for every individual who wants to speak up for what they’re about and what they’re good at.

My Superpowers

As drafted for my new business card, here they are:

  • Uncovering and mobilizing your superpowers!
  • Bringing our hearts to online and offline communications.
  • Making networking fun – even for introverts!
  • Getting to Aha and Aaaaah – today.

(Update: you can see the final list I’m using on my About page.)

Your Turn!

Are you ready to say what some of your superpowers are in the comments box below? It’s OK to tell us. It can be a brief rough draft. No one will hold you to it. Try it on.

And for extra credit… when you know one or more of your superpowers, consider whether you’re using them to their potential!

If you don’t your superpowers, your homework is to decide how you will figure that out. (I’m such a teacher, assigning homework to people at large! Yowza. Oh, maybe that teacher habit is a sign of another superpower.)

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