Top 6 Inspiring Podcasts for Your Entrepreneurial Spirit

Do you listen to podcasts? I enjoy them regularly. They’re free and can be fantastic sources of education. They can be a waste of time too, full of sales pitch junk, so I’ve discovered some that are worth the time, especially for heart-centered business growers. They’re also useful for any creative independent thinkers.

Here’s my favorites list and some info for podcast newbies… 

Podcasts 101 for Newbies

If you’re not familiar with podcasts, let me tell you about this little treasure chest. I think of them as radio shows (in audio or video) on exactly the topic I want, when I want it. You can find a podcast (on iTunes) on any topic you can think of. They are easy to add to an iPod or other media player (usually using free iTunes software), or just listen on a computer.

My Fav Podcasts

Here are the podcasts I regularly enjoy and recommend for my fellow idea-lovers:

I’d love to hear about your favorites in the comments section. If you produce your own podcast and think it belongs on my list, tell me why.

More recommended resources (including funding ideas) are available for business owners, business starters, artists, and introverts in my Resources section.

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