Do You Confuse Extroversion with Confidence?

I think we all tend to confuse extroversion with confidence. So let’s re-think it.

I’m an introvert and when I speak up confidently about something, people sometimes say, “You must be an extrovert.”

Hey, I can be an introvert AND be confident and out-spoken. (I can hear my confident introverted friend Jenn saying “Hell yeh.”)

Do you think introversion and confidence can go together? Think about it.

I was painfully shy in the past and I’m not anymore… but I’m still an introvert.

I believe that no matter how shy or anxious you might feel in certain social situations, there’s a way to find more ease and confidence. And you can still be an introvert (which is not the same as shyness).

I think I finally captured how introverts can find ease and confidence in my last post. I talked about how introversion can be connected to shyness or anxiety, and how it can also be connected to confidence and ease. It depends on what you do with your introversion.

Here’s how I see it:
The Introvert’s Path from Pain to Confidence

(In case you’re wondering what the heck is introversion anyway, check out the post and I think it will start to become clear. You can also get the basics about introversion here.)

What Is Your Experience?

Have you been confusing extroversion with confidence? We all do it. Comments welcome below.

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