Resources for Making a Living as an Artist

[page updated April 2015]Owl Mind by Dana Wilde

I work with many creative service professionals and some of them struggle to find the connection between art and making a living. But it CAN be done if you’re willing to get, well, creative.

Often it takes having a blend of income streams, including offering a high-demand service like wedding photography and graphic design. The trick is to find the overlap between your skills and passions, and what others value.

Check out these resources for practical support and inspiration for artists making a living.

[On this page, I am featuring local artists who helped me create this list. Click on the image for more about the artist.]

Local Resources and Groups for Western Massachusetts

Where’s the Money?

Pam White art - click for portfolioMore Support for Artists

Books on the Business of Art

Podcasts/Audio Shows

Inspiring Blogs for Making It Happen

Online Portfolios