Email Coaching

Email Coaching

Another maintenance option that works for some people is email coaching, or better yet, a combination of email sessions and live sessions.

This is designed for people who have already done some live coaching with me as a foundation.

Let’s find your sweet spot so you can keep moving with clarity and confidence, past the inevitable roadblocks that will always be part of life. People who build in structured support like coaching DO get somewhere.

Email coaching, as with regular coaching, can include your whole life, not just work issues.

Email coaching packages include:

  • Access to structured guidance and resources in the client portal.
  • Ability to end at any time with notice of one additional session.
  • (Does NOT include availability between sessions as with regular live coaching plans.)

What Is an Email Session?

One email coaching session includes these steps over the course of one week:

  1. You complete a session form.
  2. I send a coaching response to help you find clarity, confidence, and energy.
  3. You send any questions and your homework response.
  4. I send back one follow-up email from your response.

Email coaching is working well for me. I like being able to refer back to your feedback in the log. Also, I get everything out when I write which is important for how I think because I often don’t come to the answer/solution immediately but rather through thinking it out and getting it out which I do best in writing. I also think you do a great job of drawing out the most important things from what I write and focusing me in.”

Email Coaching Advantages

  • The email session happens when you’re available.
  • You have a complete record of everything in writing.
  • It works well for people who thrive on thinking through writing.
  • It keeps you engaged in your progress in a planful guided way, even if not meeting live.
  • Provides accountability and support structure from a professional, but lighter on your time and wallet.

Email Coaching Disadvantages

  • With regular live coaching options, I am available for brief consults and interaction between sessions, but with the email coaching plans, I am not. Everything is confined to scheduled sessions.
  • It is not well suited to those who dislike writing or who dislike structure.

Available Email Coaching Packages:

  • Email Sessions, 3 Months:
    3 months with 6 total email sessions (2x/month):
    This email-only plan isn’t for everyone so think about your needs and your style. This works best for people who find writing to be a useful tool for thinking.
    $250/month, $750 total
  • Email and Live Sessions Combo, 3 Months:
    3 months with total of 3 email sessions and 3 live sessions (1 of each per month):
    $315/month, $945 total