Group Extension Payment

Special Summer Offer for Group Alumni:

When you purchase both items on this page, and use the coupon code below, your total will be $200. Coupon value: $98 off a one-hour Clarity Session.

Coupon code: Jn14SEICS

Self-Employment Group - 3-session extension
Includes 3 additional group sessions to extend existing group. Discounted rate.
Price: $247.50
Price: $123.00
Clarity Session a la Carte
We can meet for up to two hours at a time. (Price shown here is the hourly rate.) A Clarity Session is perfect for when you need some refreshing clarity so you can make that pesky decision you're just not making, like setting your rates. We can also find a solution for a particular dread such as networking, or handling shy moments. It won't be a push. It will feel like a relief. Just show up with your topic. No homework.
Price: $225.00