Groups for Caring Introverted Women

I host 2 ongoing groups to connect with your kindred spirits and find your wings together. 

  1. One for self-employed introverts: The Introvert SOULpreneurs
  2. One for introverted women in career/life transition: The Swan Sisterhood

Enrolling now. Each group is only $100/month.

1. The Introvert SOULpreneurs Circle

This is a small group so you can work closely with 4-6 kindred spirits to ensure your self-employment journey is aligned with your heart, your energy, and your wallet.

I can’t imagine I’d be this far along if I hadn’t been part of this group. Incredibly helpful.”
~group member

Group Support

I couldn’t have climbed this mountain without this great group cheering me on. Group energy makes all the difference!

Imagine the power and insights you will gain from connecting with kindred spirits, while being led by an experienced facilitator and business coach to keep things on track.

This could be where you’ll find that confidence and energy you need to do things you never thought you could do. Easier client attraction, easier pricing, and more fun.

Check out the full details and more testimonials about the Introvert SOULpreneurs Circle here.

Two groups available:

  • Currently self-employed
  • Exploring self-employment

2. The Swan Sisterhood
Introverted Women in Career or Life Transition

The Swan Sisterhood is a community of caring introverted women in career or life transition, where we explore how to clarify and move forward on your callings — in a sustainable way that honors your body, mind, and spirit.

The group members help me find words for my swirling thoughts. Their progress inspires me, and they help me find my way.”
~Maureen, group member

Are you feeling called to do more, be more, “get out there,” BUT…..
not sure how to do that without getting overwhelmed?

Are you questioning everything anew and not sure of your place in it all? You know you want to find your footing, and make a difference in the world, and it seems now is the time.

I keep hearing these kinds of feelings from introverted women, more than ever lately. Our heart’s callings are getting louder. It’s often at the same time as having many bumps in the road, so it can feel kinda wobbly. What do you do with this energy, anxiety, and the head spin?

Full details here about this introverted women’s group.