Groups for Caring Introverted Women

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Occasional Gatherings:

I occasionally host one-time Gatherings for Introverted Women on specific topics, so you can get a booster shot of kindred spirit energy and get some questions answered. [See events page.]

Ongoing Groups:

I host 3 groups to connect with your kindred spirits and move forward together.

  1. For self-employed introverts: The Introvert SOULpreneurs
  2. For introverted women exploring self-employment: “Explorers”
  3. Dating Ease for Introverted Women

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1. The Introvert SOULpreneurs Circle

This is a small group so you can work closely with 4-6 kindred spirits to ensure your self-employment journey is aligned with your heart, your energy, and your wallet.

I can’t imagine I’d be this far along if I hadn’t been part of this group. Incredibly helpful.”
~group member

Group Support

I couldn’t have climbed this mountain without this great group cheering me on. Group energy makes all the difference!

Imagine the power and insights you will gain from connecting with kindred spirits, while being led by an experienced facilitator and business coach to keep things on track

This could be where you’ll find that confidence and energy you need to do things you never thought you could do. Easier client attraction, easier pricing, and more fun.

Check out the full details and more testimonials about the Introvert SOULpreneurs Circle here.

2. Self-employment Explorers

This is similar to the SOULpreneurs Circle, above, except it’s designed for those exploring self-employment or beginning the early stages. Usually members are working with me individually on their unique planning process.

Let’s talk about it. Request a call here. 

3. Dating Ease for Introverted Women

Get practical and moral support for navigating today’s dating world, in a community of kindred spirits. Find your solid ground and confidence, and choose an approach to dating that feels right for you and your energy. I facilitate and bring my expertise on what works for introverted women. Learn more about my dating coaching here (for individual or group).