Life Coaching

…for Shyness and Confidence Concerns

tongue-tiedAre you longing for more freedom and confidence? Craving a way to overcome shyness?

Are you worried what people will think if you put your true self out there? To the point of holding yourself back a lot?

Here are some common reasons people come to me for life coaching:

  • Tired of feeling shy and tongue-tied and wanting more ease with speaking.
  • Feeling out of sync with talkative people around you and tired of feeling like a misfit.
  • Daydreaming in your work cubicle, “Is this all there is?”
  • Feeling caught in a fast-paced life but craving a slower pace.
  • Longing for a life that is more aligned with your beliefs and values.
  • Questioning your friendship circles or lack of authentic connections.

You could be the head of your own company, but you can still be plagued by shy moments and the worry about freezing up at the wrong time. Let’s find you some more ease so you can enjoy life a lot more.

I’ve been there. I have overcome shyness, found my confident voice, and found a way to have a personal and professional life that is true to who I am. I know the path. It’s easier than you think! I’ve helped many people overcome shyness and/or find more ease with bringing their authentic self to life, personally and professionally. It’s possible for you too, at any age.

Whether we’re talking about life, career, business, friendship, or spirituality, I bring a holistic approach because you’re one person and it all goes together. Interestingly, getting one thing unstuck tends to help all the other areas too. It can feel like releasing a dam.

Val has helped me to clarify my life purpose and goals, and have more ease and confidence in my life and work. I’ve participated in individual and group coaching with Val, and it has been well worth the investment. The true value of her coaching goes beyond increased business. Val has helped me to learn how to create an authentic life where I can define success on my own terms. There is no way that I could have achieved the clarity and confidence that I have on my own. If you feel like there could be more to life, if you’re struggling with visibility, or you just feel plain stuck in some way, I urge you to give Val a call! You’ll be glad you did!”
~D.F., Western MA

My Specialty: Quiet Adult Women

I find that my skills and approach are best matched for coaching adult women. I have people on my team of coaches who are better matched for working with others and I’m happy to do some matchmaking if you contact me.

Shyness and confidence issues are different experiences for men and women, and different for young adults too.

Next Step: Let’s Talk Soon

Let’s get you some stress relief sooner than later in a free initial consult. We’ll sort things out together and figure out a good next step for you. There’s no pressure to do more.

Request a free initial consult here.

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