The Introvert Clubhouse

…where you DO fit in.

Want to be part of an affirming space for introverts?

Not the old kind of club where you felt left out, but a new kind where you are welcomed, as is.

I lead 4 groups for you to connect with your kindred spirits:

  • The Caring Introvert Clubhouse on Facebook
    – a free, private, supportive group on Facebook that I facilitate. It’s where friendly introverts and allies share ideas and encouragement about work, business, and life. I moderate and answer questions. To keep it strong and useful for everyone, this group is only for email subscribers.
    **Get access by subscribing in the blue box on this page.
  • The Introvert Sisterhood of Western Mass
    – a Meetup group for social connections in Western Massachusetts. We need time with our kindred spirits, especially during these turbulent times.
  • The Swan Sisterhood
    – This is a small group community for women who want to find their grounding, stay true to their quiet soulful “swan” selves, and move forward on their dreams with a sense of compassion and balance. Learn more about this introverted women’s group.
  • The Introvert SOULpreneurs 
    – This is a small group for introverted women so you can work closely with a few kindred spirits to ensure your self-employment journey is aligned with your heart, your energy, and your wallet.

See you there!