Quiz: Will You Benefit from Coaching?

You may be wondering if things could really change for you. And if coaching is a way to help that happen. Coaching is not for everyone, and I’m not the right coach for everyone. So let’s see if there’s a match here.

First, let’s see if you’re likely to benefit from Coaching in general:

  1. Are you open to trying new ways to reach your goals?
  2. Do you have a sense that there is more potential in you to be tapped?
  3. Can you imagine it making a difference if you had the support of a caring, insightful coach, especially when the road looks foggy?
  4. Are you confident you will speak up with your questions or needs within a coaching relationship?
  5. Do you have patience and perseverance with changes that take time?
  6. Are you committed to your own growth and willing to invest time and money for that when needed?
  7. Would you say that you are not overwhelmed by depression, mental impairment, or addictions at this time?
  8. Do you tend to thrive on talking things through with someone who believes in you?
  9. Do you commit to your appointments and show up?

If you answered YES to all of these, you’re very likely to benefit from coaching when you find the right coach who you resonate with.

Second, let’s see if my coaching in particular is a good fit for you:

  1. Do you resonate with the essence of these words: intuitive, heart-centered, inspired?
  2. Do you want to live in alignment with your values?
  3. Do you want to make a meaningful difference to others?
  4. Do you resonate with being introverted, at least in some important ways to you?
  5. Do you sometimes struggle to find words or speak up confidently? Or sometimes go along with things instead of setting limits or saying No?
  6. Are you longing for a clear path to get somewhere new?
  7. Do you want to express your calling or highest self?
  8. Would you say that you tend to (or want to) look for the positive or hopeful side (even if you have times of doubt)?
  9. Do you tend to follow through on things you care about?
  10. Are you drawn to mindfulness practices such as mindful breathing, yoga, or meditation?

If you answered YES to the first list and you answered YES to 8 or more from this second set, it sounds like a fit! We could make great things happen!

Request a Free Initial Consult here. Let’s talk and start sorting things out.

Not sure?

If you fit the first list but not the second, I can offer a referral to someone who is a better fit… whether for cost, personality, or specialty. (I have a team of reliable coaches to match you with.) In that case, feel free to request a free consult and we’ll sort it out together.