Should I Let Intuition Run My Life? My Business?

Intuition is on my mind a lot lately, especially as I was preparing to give a talk about it. I’m remembering how incredibly powerful and important intuition is, so I’m renewing my dedication to follow those wise inner signals. Let’s talk about this resource that’s inside all of us.

You know that feeling…when you just… Know. It comes over you in some inexplicable way. You don’t know how you know, but you just know. Or you have an inkling that keeps trying to get your attention. That’s what I mean by intuition. It’s the sometimes quiet, and sometimes loud, signals inside us that say “Yes, do it,” or “No, don’t.”

So much time is spent weighing our options in the reasoning part of our mind. It can drive us crazy and keep us stuck for years, in the wrong relationships, wrong careers, or stuckness in anything.

Imagine if we could tap into something that makes our decisions easier, and helps us feel happier with our decisions. That’s what intuition can do for all of us. I’m convinced by my experience, and the research, that our intuition is worth much more of our attention, and worth cultivating…for happiness and success.

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