Take Flight in the Swan SOULpreneurs School

Want some concrete answers about business and life concerns from an expert coach who understands introversion and self-employment?

Want to hang with kindred spirits who are also spreading their wings in their own unique way?

Want easy access to reliable tools to help you clarify your ideas and get it out in the world?

Want some realistic guidance that addresses your nervousness to put your true self out there?

Welcome to The Swan SOULpreneurs School
…where you can “take flight” alongside other thoughtful souls.

Who are the “Swan SOULpreneurs”?

The swan is my code word for people who are amazing just the way they are and want to bring more of their gifts to the world. They might at first feel like that Ugly Duckling who didn’t fit in with the ducks until he discovered he was a swan. We’re here to unleash our amazing true “swan” selves so we can fly freely.

I believe it’s in embracing who we are, in all our uniqueness, that we can have the most impact.

The swan style also suggests a more quiet, introverted or soulful nature, which can feel outside the mainstream view of success.

Western culture seems to think that success has to include being more extroverted, fast-paced, and money-driven. Alternatively, SOULpreneurs are about honoring soulfulness and quiet, setting our own pace, and being led from the heart, even while including money in the equation.

Even more outside the norm is the symbol of the unexpected black swan, and that’s where I got my title as the Black Swan Coach.

This is a place to bring your “freaky” black swan self and find success and fulfillment on your own terms. Even blue swans are welcome here. 🙂

You can be your quiet soulful self and have the impact you crave.
No extrovert mask required.

Let’s go do that together!

Membership includes:

  1. Educational and Q&A calls with Val Nelson
    – Monthly calls which might become more frequent as membership grows.
  2. Co-worker Power Hours
    – A weekly time where we all work on a tough task at the same time and report in for moral support.
  3. A private facilitated online community with other invested members.
    – For learning and building meaningful connections in a non-salesy, caring environment.
  4. Access to a private online portal with resources, tools, and archived calls.
    – The former educator in me can’t help but provide some tools to make life easier for you.
  5. Discounts on small group programs and additional learning opportunities
    – Because sometimes you need to dig in a little with some extra guidance.

How Does the Membership Subscription Payment Work?

  1. You subscribe on a monthly basis and can leave any time which stops future payments.
  2. Once you begin the subscription, your credit card is billed automatically each month.
  3. Your price is locked in as long as your monthly payment is continuous. The new subscriber price will likely increase over time as benefits increase.

You’ll get answers and resources to help you go for what you want — while still being true to your heart and your energy.

It’s a caring community where you can learn and ask questions about business and life concerns so you can keep going smoothly in your own direction.

It’s not easy to put ourselves out there in new ways, and we usually spin our wheels when we try to do it all alone. In fact, going alone will keep you stuck, no matter how much you think you should be doing it alone. It’s not that you can’t do it! It’s probably that you are missing a good roadmap and a caring support team.

Who Is It For?

This is perfect for you if all these are true:

  1. You are self-employed, considering self-employment, or you’re forging your own path even within a larger organization. (Even if you don’t consider yourself an entrepreneur, you might actually have a business, such as selling your art or your book on the side.)
  2. You want a soulful, heart-aligned work journey, where money is part of the equation but not the center.
  3. You like the sound of being part of a community of kindred spirits.
  4. You relate to being an introvert or ambivert, or you are drawn to quiet time to think.
  5. You are drawn to things like mindfulness, slow and simple living, gratitude, intuition, and personal growth.
  6. You don’t want to reinvent the wheel and would appreciate some guidance on making things work better for you, including some help with marketing.

Full description and how to sign up are coming soon….

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