It’s Blog Action Day!

That’s when bloggers across the world all talk about the same important global topic. This year, it’s Climate Change!

Join the fun:

  • Blog about climate change and register your blog at
  • Talk about it on Twitter (using #BAD09 hashtag) or on Facebook.
  • Check out other Blog Action Day posts.
  • Join the conversation by leaving comments on the blog posts you read.
  • Think about what you’re doing to prevent global warming and talk about it.

What Are You Doing Today for the Earth?

Despite the chilly air outside in New England today, I’m hopping on my bike to run errands this morning. Brrr. Serious bundling up to do.

And later I have to drive a couple hours to give a blog writing training. I’m going to leave early so I can drive slower and use less gas. Ha, what a concept for me to leave early. Wish me luck.

Also, I’m resisting turning on the heat this year until it’s unreasonably cold or the plants start complaining. We could all stand to wear more layers indoors.

And you?

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