It’s Time to Prioritize Video (AKA YouTube)

[updated Aug. 9, 2011]

If you have something to say or promote (e.g., looking for work or new clients), making a short and simple video should be moved up on your priority list.

When you see how this small business video sample (featured here) draws you in, you’ll want one too.

These two reasons should convince you:

  1. YouTube is the second most popular place to search, after Google.
    We’re all so worried about our rank in Google, but what’s your rank in YouTube?
  2. To get work in a today’s economy, you have to stand out and have a unique appeal. What better way than with the personal approach of a video? Video is growing, but there’s still time to be ahead of the curve.

Just about every corporation and small business is creating a branded channel on YouTube, but there are still relatively few marketers who have managed to harvest the full potential of the platform.
~ 10 Killer Tips for Creating a Branded YouTube Channel (Mashable, 4/25/10)

There’s a third important reason to think about adding video and other multimedia content to your approach. Google and other search engines are prioritizing multimedia in the search results. Notice how you commonly see video, images, and other options interspersed in your search results? That could be you!

There are new opportunities to get on that first page of search results, and businesses need to create multimedia content to take advantage of this new real estate. That means posting videos to YouTube, photos to Flickr, and tagging this multimedia content as thoroughly as possible.

What, Where, and How?

Here are some good starting places for making and promoting your video(s):

  1. Great sample of a job seeker’s self-promotion video. It worked!
  2. One of my most popular posts is about optimizing video content. I just updated it to include the latest tips and resources.
  3. Top 10 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses (Mashable, 4/23/10)
  4. Get help from video pros like Media Shower Productions or Kbest Productions.
  5. Post your video on multiple video sharing sites at once with TubeMogul.
  6. Making  your own video? See: Free eBook & Kit: How to Use Online Video for Marketing

Ready to Commit?

I admit, making a video for my website is still buried in my to-do list, but I am going to commit to you now that I’ll do it within six months.

Yikes, so much else to do…<fighting it out inside>. And the introvert in me hates being videotaped… blah, blah, excuses, excuses. OK, I did say prioritize so here I go.

How about you?

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