My Head Is Full from PodCamp

I just got back from Western Mass PodCamp.  Thanks everyone for sharing your social media knowledge at this incredible unconference so we could all pretend to keep up on the latest technology. Whew, I think my favorite technology is still pen and paper.

If you’re like most people in 2009, you’ll enjoy this humorous video about Internet Overdose which was the perfect ending to our last PodCamp session.

PodCamp Western Mass is about social media/networking, and its relevance and usefulness to community, business and otherwise. More information:

I’m sure I’ll be blogging soon about some of the gems I gathered but I couldn’t wait to at least say thanks and hello to everyone for now. Thanks especially to the “rock stars” who coordinated all the behind-the-scenes tasks to make this event happen.

Now I’m headed away from the computer finally to a birthday party and hopefully to my usual Saturday night dance after that. Then I’ll definitely be crashing.

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  • Hi Val!

    Thank you for coming to PodCamp! It was wonderful having you there. I am so glad you enjoyed it, got some good stuff out of it, and shared your expertise. That’s awesome.

    See you at the Tweetup April 17 if not before!