Website Copywriting or Content Writing?

Copywriting, web content writing, SEO copywriting… what are they? Here’s a glossary to spell it out.

Copywriting: writing for promotional purposes (e.g., explaining services or selling a product)

Content writing: writing for informative purposes (e.g., a how-to article)

Web content writing: informative writing created in a format to fit the way people read on the web

Web copywriting: promotional writing that is written for how people read on the web

SEO copywriting: That’s search-engine-optimized copywriting, which means the text is not only optimized for people reading on the web, it is optimized so that search engines like Google will recognize the content as valuable and relevant for particular search words (keywords). SEO copywriting is probably the most important part of search engine optimization.

And not so relevant but I can’t leave it out…

Copyright: Often confused with copywrite, it’s about protecting your exclusive legal rights to your written or creative work.

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