Win a Free Life Coaching Session

Let's get that pesky decision done.

They say when one door closes, another opens, but in reality, it’s hell in the hallway. I can help you find a little relief in that transition.

I’m giving away free life coaching sessions this week. I don’t offer free sessions very often so this is your time to try it.

I’ll give one call per person for up to 5 women who are perhaps in a challenging transition and/or in need of some stress relief.

Doing these free sessions helps me get to know more people in a close-up way, and to feel the reward of helping more people. I love doing it and look forward to hearing from you.

In the call, we can talk about things like how you can:

  • find some solid ground during a shaky time of grief or transition.
  • find words for saying something you need to say.
  • find hope about your work life even though your current work feels so dreary.

You’d be surprised at how your shoulders can relax in one call.

Qualifications To Win:

  1. I sense that you’re highly motivated to find relief or make changes.
  2. I have a gut feeling that a call with me will be very useful for you.
  3. We have not spoken before.

Deadline and How It Works:

I’ll choose from the people who complete this form by Tuesday May 31st, 2016. Calls must be completed within 2 weeks of your entry.

The form is so I can get to know you and to make sure that the call will be useful for you. You won’t be added to any list. I hold your information in complete confidence.

About the Call:

I’ll facilitate the call to make sure we get you some meaningful guidance on what matters most. This form is all you need to do to prepare for the call. We can also discuss whether my coaching is a good fit for you. But I won’t push anything.

I hold everything in confidence and deep respect, so you can talk freely during the call.

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